Friday, 5 March 2010

Performance Poetry Boosts Red Wine Purchase Patterns (Allegedly)

Fine, I admit, I have carried out absolutely NO research with which to support such a statement. But did it get your attention? Hell yeah!

I'm casting my poetry's net out across the 'net - now I'll be appropriating your aural interaction with the world wide web as well as your visual. Bet you're a little bit frightened now, aren't you? Good. That means that you're following attentively...

So, check out the first couple of poems up on my myspace profile:

Excellent. Now all you need is a small, poky (smoky?) cafe with a sea of drifting tea lights and a drink in hand, preferably a gin and tonic, (or is whisky more appropriate?) or even - like Allen Ginsberg's legendary night Six Poets at Six Gallery in 1955, vast quantities of cheap red wine.

Pass the big green bottle down the line, will you?

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