Sunday, 13 March 2011

Up to date: March!

To get us nicely up to date... March!

Season's Greetings at the National. Yes, Christmas is long gone. No, it didn't feel out of Season. Set: a cross-section of a family home. Script: a cross-section of holiday misery. Snorts a plenty.

Electro-Late night, Museum of London. A walking, talking android. My wildest BSG dreams answered. Almost. (Plus gorged on the historical displays.)

Book club at The Chocolate Teapot, Esher. Inaugural session, on The Hare with Amber Eyes. Takes me back to studenthood. With the added bonus of yummy scones.

Recap: February!


Black Swan at Odeon. Darren Aronofsky's dark, modern fairytale. Ballet with bite.

Band of Horses at Brixton Academy. Beautiful, but soft (and best) opening song ruined by a heckle. Shame.

Recorded "Joan's Hymn" poem for the Valentine's Day Sunday Joint on East Leeds FM, Leeds. Ace. Listen Again at

Bang Said The Gun at The Roebuck, Angel. Stand-up poetry with a speedy, competitive open mic sesh. Mmm.

West Ham SMASHING Liverpool 3-1. Theatre doesn't get much better than that.

 Awards Concert 2011. I snapped Sheridan Smith, Simon Callow, Lee Mead and a handful of other thespy types. For more of my shots for WOS see pics 1-15 here.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at the Donmar. Chirpy, damned funny musical. Clever audience involvement had me howling.


Let's kickstart March twenty eleven (and twenty eleven itself) on Through The Ivy, a quick photographic/audio/written recap of Jan, Feb and March.


British Sea Power at New Slang, Kingston upon Thames. What a treat.

Improvathon at Hoxton Hall. Mammoth. Exhausting. Probably better than sex.

A Flea In Her Ear at the Old Vic. Fast-paced farce by Feydeau. Hilarious.

Cindy Sherman Exhibition, Spruth Magers. London. Bold, chameleonic character photography.

Rolf Harris' A Midsummer Night's Dream-themed exhibition. Feat. Lily Cole as Titania.